In addition to auctioneering we also provide a range of property management services:

  • Letting agents: If you have property for rent we can provide on-going management of the tenancy agreement for you. This includes helping set the market rate, performing regular inspections, dealing with maintenance requirements, deposit holding and condition assessment at the start and end of occupancies, and inventory list management.
  • Land valuation: If you have land for sale, whether it be for agricultural, commercial or development purposes, we'll help you identify the current market value.
  • Land agents: If you have land for rent, we'll advise on the market rate and carry out the rental management for you.

Our services help you achieve the best return whilst minimising the management overheads associated with land and property rental. We can also tailor our service to suit your specific needs so feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries or would like to discuss further.

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