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RENTING OR LETTING PROPERTY IN IRELAND has a lot to offer, and if you're a potential tenant looking for a house, apartment, or cottage for example, there's plenty to choose from around West Cork.

The following are some general guidelines for both tenants and landlords when renting or letting:

Ask the right questions and get the information you need when considering a property for rent:

  1. What type of property is on offer, and how many bedrooms does it have
  2. When is the accomodation available, and for how long
  3. What is the full address of the property
  4. What is the name and contact details of the landlord and, if relevant, the managing agent
  5. Is the property offered on a minimum term lease
  6. Is parking available
  7. Is there a garden, is it in good order, and who is responsible for maintenance
  8. Is there adequate storage
  9. What type of heating is present
  10. Is a BER (Building Energy Rating) certificate available (mandatory since January 2009)
  11. Are telephone / television / internet sevices available
  12. What service charges / bills will you be responsible for (electricity, gas, etc)
  13. Is the property furnished and what appliances are available
  14. Are there any constraints, such as no smoking or no pets
  15. Is the property compliant with current safety legislation
  16. What is the rental cost per week or month, how is it paid, and is it paid in advance
  17. Is a deposit required, and if so how much
  18. Is a tenancy agreement available, if so and if you are interested in the property, ask for a copy
  19. What are the tenancy agreement conditions for general repair and maintenance
  20. What documentation is required from yourself to complete a rental application
  21. Are references required as part of the application
  22. Does the landlord provide an inventory list and schedule of condition to be agreed with yourself at commencement of rental
  23. Does the tenant, or the agent, carry out regular inspections of the property

You should familiarise yourself with the current regulations and guidelines when providing a property for rent. Doing so means that you are more likely to establish a good relationship with your tenant(s). Clarification between all parties at the start of any agreement minimises the possibility of later confusion or disagreement. Getting it right from the outset can make the difference between a successful venture and one with problems or headaches.

The following is a general guide to assist you when offering property for rent:

  1. Have you engaged the services of a property agent (this will remove many of the headaches and provide you with an area of expertise familiar with property rental management)
  2. Have you determined the weekly / monthly rental charges, and the booking deposit. Your property agent will assist you with a valuation if needed. Are you up to date with the Residential Tenancies Act and aware of open market rate regulations
  3. Do you have a tenancy agreement in place, and does it comply with current legislation
  4. If appropriate, have you registered the tenancy with the PRTB (Private Residential Tenancies Board)
  5. Do you have a rent book or tenant statement in place – to confirm rental payments back to the tenant
  6. Does the property meet the minimum physical standards as defined by the current legislation
  7. Do you have a BER (Building Energy Rating) certificate available – mandatory since January 2009
  8. Are you aware of the equality legislation and the obligations incorporated
  9. Are you aware of your tax obligations as a landlord – payable under the Revenue Commissioner's Self-Assessment system

The above is not an exhaustive list and you should familiarise yourself with all current regulations and legislation. A useful source of information is the Citizens Information website, and it will help you understand the rights and obligations of both tenants and landords when renting or letting a property:

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