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SELLING A PROPERTY IN IRELAND requires the right approach these days, so you need to make sure you've got the right people working for you.  West Cork has lots to offer, but unless your auctioneer is reaching out to potential purchasers both locally AND further afield those buyers may never know about you.

The following are some of the questions you need to ask when selecting your auctioneer, and some suggestions on what you can do yourself to prepare your property.


  • Does the auctioneer have a modern, easy to navigate, website that will engage visitors and encourage them to browse the properties. Are properties easy to find, and are they well presented with quality photographs and useful information. Does the website instill confidence such that potential purchasers will know they are dealing with a professional company - a company they are more inclined to make contact with.
  • Is the auctioneer partnered with property agencies such as, globrix and - in other words will they be telling as many people as possible about your property.
  • Is the auctioneer using social networking media to spread the word - are they being proactive.
  • Is the auctioneer advertising properties in local newspapers - are they covering local markets as well as those further afield.
  • Does the auctioneer provide comprehensive and visible road signage - many purchasers will drive the area before they look at newspapers or the Internet, and good signage will attract attention to your property.
  • Is the actioneer accredited - membership of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers & Valuers for example ensures you of a professional and reliable service.
  • Does the auctioneer have bonded status - a mandatory requirement but you should ask for confirmation anyway.
  • Is the auctioneer easily contacted - do they make their mobile number available and are they ready to respond promptly to purchaser and potential buyer enquiries.
  • Does the auctioneer offer flexible viewing days. Are they only available Monday to Friday or do they offer some weekend cover as well.
  • Does the auctioneer produce high quality brochures that will present your property in an attractive and appealing way.

Every aspect is important  - so make sure the auctioneer you choose is ready to present your property in a way that offers the best chance of securing a purchase.

Your auctioneer will advise you of the value of your property. You will generally be in a competitive environment as purchasers usually view different properties before making a decision. For this reason your asking price needs to be realistic as once the decision to purchase is made that opportunity has passed.

Once you are satisfied with the services offered, agree the auctioneer transaction fee applicable on the sale of your property.

Once you've selected an auctioneer that will present your property in a professional and attractive manner, you need to match the commitment. This means making sure those first impressions live up to expectations, and that potential buyers are not discouraged by easily avoidable mistakes. Here's some tips to think about:


  1. Clear any litter and remove any articles you know shouldn't really be there!
  2. Empty any overflowing bins
  3. Trim hedges and cut the grass
  4. Clear weeds, and present well kept flower beds or planted tubs.
  5. Make sure curtains are left open during the day
  6. Tidy or repair paint and woodwork areas if needed
  7. Stand back and look, is it fresh and inviting - if you were buying would you be encouraged to go further?


  1. You already know this - but clear the clutter!
  2. Make the beds
  3. Put away dishes and laundry
  4. Keep dogs and cats out of the house during visits (some people like them, and others don't)
  5. Clean the windows (and do it on the outside as well!)
  6. Some fresh flowers won't do any harm
  7. Keep work surfaces clean and tidy
  8. Make sure the house is comfortably warm
  9. Get rid of any strong smells such as those from animals or cooking
  10. Do the housekeeping - clean and hoover
  11. Pay particular attention to the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms
  12. Help your visitors imagination : de-personalise the property and let them imagine themselves living there
  13. Make sure cupboards and wardrobes look well organised
  14. Make minor repairs where needed  - the things that niggle you will also niggle potential buyers
  15. Make it sparkle!

Once you've done go out and come back later with a critical eye. If more needs doing, do it! Once you're happy invite a good friend or family over to give their opinion - sometimes a fresh perspective will help spot what might be less obvious to you.

If you are showing people around yourself give them space. Let them feel comfortable in your home. Be presentable, greet them cheerfully, and make them feel welcome. Tell them about the property, the local area, and then let them look around on their own.

Meet them again when they have finished and answer any questions they may have. Refer any discussion about price to your auctioneer as they are best placed to act on your behalf. Let your visitors know that they are welcome to come back for another look around if they would like to.


Martin Swanton Properties is a member of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers & Valuers, your guarantee of a professional and reliable service.




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